We believe in the philosophy of that if you don’t take care of your customers, someone else will. Let us help you take care of your most precious investment.

Infinite Training’s ethos is to work in partnership with our clients to give their customers the best possible experience, building brand loyalty and inspiring teams in delighting customers.

Our strategy for success is to listen to you, collaborate on a strategy and work together for success. Our aim is to define your goals and work out how we can support you in achieving them.

Our methods are about engaging with our clients and their teams, delivering blended learning solutions in a dynamic and lively manner that will ultimately be realistic, practical and deliver measurable results. The skills we teach you today, will be put into practice with your very next customer.
Our services are designed to enable effective communicate and create a more productive workforce that delivers impeccable service. Based in Sheffield, Yorkshire, we work both locally and nationally.

Our key Customer Service Programs include:

Customer Service Ready – Our award winning accredited program that gives focus and direction to you and your teams

Customer Service Champions – Bring out the best in your teams, motivated towards excelling in Customer Service and turning them into ambassadors for your business

Customer Service Genius – Proactive excellence in Customer Service solutions, inspiring creative initiatives that map your customers journey from the beginning to continued loyalty that sees your Customers being your biggest fan.

We deliver –

Customer Service Training
Communication Skills
Supervisor & Management Training
Conflict Management

Our training services will give you –

Increased performance & productivity
A blueprint for effective communication
A measurable return on your investment
Increased customer satisfaction

Formed in 2008, Infinite Training has grown and developed into a renowned training consultancy, respected for providing effective customer focused training. As directors and trainer, Pam Ellis and John Hallam both run the company and deliver the training.
With over 10 years experience in training and development, we have the right team, with the right knowledge and skills to inspire your people.
At Infinite Training we take pride in our professional approach. Following  consultation with you and your team, we design and develop a bespoke solution to your training requirements.

Our background is in Local Authority and Police Authority training, linked directly to Home Office projects, where we worked extensively, developing Customer Service, Communications, Supervisory and IT training programs.
At Infinite Training we believe in meeting our clients and discussing their needs, creating ideas and formulating training plans that best suits their business.
Experience has taught us that getting to know our  clients and their teams, is the best way to achieve successful results.

This is our blog where we aim to reflect our business, our interests and our development.

Thank you for joining us

Infinite Training

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