Are you always on top form with your customers? Customer Service Fails are annoying, costly and damaging. Get it right from the start.

Here’s a simple plan for making sure that you and your teams are always on your game.

1. Plan

Think about what you and your customer want from your next customer interaction. What are your customers expectations and how can you meet them. Think of any questions you might want to ask, information you need to collect or pass on. Having a structure ready in your head helps you get it right first time.

2. Breath

This may sound obvious, of course we breath all the time without thinking. When you begin a conversation with a customer take a moment to take in a big deep breath, sit or stand up straight, show you are attentive and be ready to start communicating.

3. Smile

Yes SMILE!  Make it a practiced smile that is natural. It’s a winning start to any customer engagement.

4. Gesture

We use gestures all the time to tell the story, to emphasise a point, to give directions or demonstrate what we mean. Many studies reveal that using gestures help us think. With your customers, use expressions to annimate your conversation and build rapport (yes, it does work on the telephone too!)

5. Visualise

Visualise a person or place that makes you happy when your recall the memory, automatically your facial tension is released and you will begin to smile. This can help relax you into a conversation. Try this by visualising someone who makes you happy when you meet them, that makes you laugh out loud or they just make you feel good about yourself. Your inner feelings will be seen outwardly and you’ll project a welcoming and friendly personality.


Good luck and make it work!

John and Pam




About bloginfinitetraining

Director of Infinite Training Formerly of South Yorkshire Police in a supervisory and training role

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