We asked our friends and colleagues what it meant to them. This is what they told us and our guide to you.

Feeling Good/Happy. Customer Service is about feelings. Remember that happy feeling when you receive a gift, when someone pays you a compliment or when you received unexpected favour.  The disappointment you felt when a delivery didn’t arrive on time, how frustrating it was when you waited in line.  Those feelings are at the heart of customer service, remember you are always dealing with customers feelings.

Free Stuff. Free doesn’t have to be giveaways, a keyring, a pen, a mug, they’re all fine, but how about taking action, making a phone call, writing an email, giving free advice, sending a referral. And last time we checked, a smile was still free to give.

Be Friendly & Polite. It’s a good starting point, Customer Service often begins with a greeting. Those that are renowned for it are well practiced, have you been to Disney recently? If the best in the world practice, what’s your excuse? Park Greeter, Disney Program

Communicate & talk to me. Talk to people, but remember it’s not just the words you say, think about what you’re body is saying. Open body talk means open arms, keep your trunk open, good eye contact and show relaxed facial expression. Keep customers informed, yes, even the little customers.

Extra Mile. “Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way.” ― Booker T. Washington

Faster payment. How amazing is payment tech these days. iZettle, Paypal, Square and many more are doing mobile payment from your phone with an email receipt direct to customers. Now we can all be like an Apple Store genius!

Me. The customer is not always right, but they are always the customer. It should always be about Me!

Being informed. I recently purchased a low cost item online for a bathroom shower repair. I received an email confirmation of my order, a text at its dispatch and finally a thank you email, with contact details if anything wasn’t to my satisfaction.

Fast Food. Equals prompt service, we can all take a leaf out of well run fast food retailers who get it right. This Housing Authority recently took on board how Pizza Express manage their customers. Check out the article in the Guardian

A Smile & Smiling Clients. We said it all in our “A smile, a free customer service tool” article. You should also check out the excellent “Smile, Sell More” and learn how to make your own smiling clients.

Not reading from script. We’ve all grown tired of the scripts. Keep it natural, be your good self.

Leave me alone. Always acknowledge customers, let them know you are there, sometimes they just need a little space.

Here are our friends and colleagues telling us what good Customer Service means to them.

Of course, we always ask what our customers want. You can tell us to, take training needs survey .

Remember that Customer Service means different things to different people.

John Hallam

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Director of Infinite Training Formerly of South Yorkshire Police in a supervisory and training role

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