Smiling, it’s easy, right?

We learn how to do it early in life, sometimes we just forget as we get older and maybe do it less often.

Lets see if we can help you smile.

Follow our little experiment.

Pause a moment, now think back to the last time you smiled before you read this article? Recall when a colleague, a friend, someone in your family or maybe a complete stranger did something or said something that made you smile?

Got it in your head, good. Remember that feeling inside, the happiness that made you smile. Capture that feeling. Close your eyes for a second and picture what it was that made you smile and why it made you smile.

Now, hold on to that thought and that feeling. You see, you’re smiling again.

You’ve just learned how to smile on cue.

Now you are a professional. Use a memory or feeling that helps you smile. Practice it and see how it works with your customers.

A smile is such a powerful tool in your customer service toolbox. So powerful that a well known airline cabin crew considered taking it away to make their point. Cathay Pacific’s flight attendees  considered ‘a no smile strike’. Seems like a small protest, until you consider for airlines, their brand is best exemplified by its cabin crew. Airlines rely on their five star reputation for service. It starts with a smile.

It’s such a powerful tool that Kirt Manecke based his top selling book on the power of a smile. Based on the premise that good service is good business. Add this book to your most important reading list : Smile: Sell More with Amazing Customer Service.

A smile is so important that there is even a day dedicated to it.  What’s the most familiar smile in the world?  The one you see everyday as an emoticon on Twitter and Facebook. Its the one created by Harvey Ball, a commercial artist from Worcester, Massachusetts. He created the smiley face in 1963. Harvey Ball said “Do an act of kindness, help one person smile” and founded World Smile Day, (click on the link to see the smiley face design) the next one is 3/10/2014. There’s time to practice before then.

Consider this. A smile is a free, yes FREE customer service tool. It’s easy to learn. All you have to do, is use it.

Here’s our top tips for customer service, of course, it starts with a smile.

1. Smile. You know how it’s done. Do it well.
2. Smile as you Dial. It’s an oldie but goodie, you can hear the difference.
3. First impressions. Like a warm greeting by a maitre d’
4. Last impressions. Like that delicious sweet at the end of your meal.
5. Greetings. Practice them, combine “Hello” with a smile! Keep it natural, keep it simple.
6. Care. Show that you care, do something that matters to them.
7. Read between the lines. Listen and pay attention to what your customer wants
8. Ask. Don’t just tell them what you do. Ask what they want.
9. Be Nice. See Shep Hyken!
10. Be professional. Always, that’s why you are there. Never lose your professionalism.

Confidently think you can spot a fake smile? How about this really cool survey and test by the BBC Science and Nature site.

Be good.Be smart.Be sure to Smile.

John Hallam



About bloginfinitetraining

Director of Infinite Training Formerly of South Yorkshire Police in a supervisory and training role

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