It’s a question asked but rarely answered by the people that count…the customers.

We set ourselves a task to find out. Rather than write a big piece of what is or isn’t good service, we let the people do the talking Inspired by the excellent work by Soulpancake (if you haven’t seen Kid President, firstly where have you been hiding and secondly you’re missing a treat) we hatched a plan to put together our own video.

Armed with the video camera from our iPhones, some post-it notes, a pen and a mini tripod from ebay, we captured people when and when we could. Some were family, others colleagues and friends…and some four legged contributors. All were more than willing to help us once we explained our purpose.

The question we asked of our friends, family and colleagues was “what makes good customer service” They all answered differently, but all were gut reactions. As Seth Godin, entrepreneur, author and Guru said “The only purpose of customer service is to change feelings”.

You’ll see that most people refer to something that has feelings. Most importantly customer service is about feelings.

Our conclusion to the exercise is simple. We all have our own needs and wants. Some people want undivided attention, to be guided and supported, while others want space to breath, to choose and to make an informed decision. We all want something different. Perfectly summed up by  John Russell, President at Harley Davidson, “The more you engage with customers the clearer things become and the easier it is to determine what you should be doing.”

The smart organizations realize this and are able to adapt, read between the lines and give the customer the best experience, so that we feel like valued individuals.

So the people have spoken, check it out here..

What does good customer service mean?

John Hallam




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Director of Infinite Training Formerly of South Yorkshire Police in a supervisory and training role

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