KWL (Kingstown Works Limited, Hull) and Infinite Training started working together through 2012.

We were really pleased to be asked to assist in their latest Lone Worker Policy development and delivery.

We were pleased to work with the Endsleigh Centre again for our Hull region delivery.
The programme we developed included :

Define lone working

  • •Lone working policy
  • •Risk categories
  • •Legal aspects
  • •Identify key policy and procedure protocols
  • •Review and reinforcing KWL Lone Working Policy and systems of work

Dynamic risk assessment

  • •Assess risks to personal safety in relation to lone working
  • •Practical strategies for lone worker safety


  • •Case study and developing strategies for managing lone worker situations

Communication Skills

  • •Body language, words and phrases for managing difficult situations

Reporting measures

  • •Review and identify reporting and recording measures for associated with lone worker risks
  • •Reporting incidents, risks and near misses
  • •Review
  • •Policy and procedure review

The results from the training and the feedback have been excellent, we look forward to the next stage of delivery through November to January 2013.

The project is now well under way with almost 300 members of the KWL Team trained in Lone Worker Policy. They now have a greater understanding of the Safe Systems of Work in place, have greater communications with Civic 1 and a more robust procedure in place.

We had really positive feedback from the course, with 95% of delegates rating the training as excellent or very good and 90% of delegates rated the training methods as excellent or very good. We were delighted to get some very positive Twitter feedback too!

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  1. Lee Johnston says:

    It’s great to hear stories like this, where organisations take positive action such as providing training. We try to do our bit at

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