At the weekend we stayed over at the Crowne Plaza Heathrow.

After a busy working weekend we decided to visit London for the day. Staying at the Crowne Plaza gives us the chance to stay in a great hotel and use the Tube to commute to London for shopping during the day.

Our great customer service experience comes from an initial disappointment.

During the evening, following a very tiring wander round the shops and after taking advantage of the Spa facilities, we got a little peckish and decided we needed a snack. At 22:45 we really didn’t want to be going to the bar. So we ordered a club sandwich via room service. The order was taken and delivered in good time by a polite member of staff. Unfortunately the sandwich itself was just about ok at best. Dry bread, egg mayo (shouldn’t be on a club) that was poor and frozen chips. At this hotel and a price of around £13 we expected better.

Overall a 5/10 was generous. We were a little disappointed and eat about half.

Here comes the quality save from a bad experience. The following morning my wife rang to enquire about club lounge breakfast, during the conversation she also mentioned to the receptionist that last nights sandwich was poor. After explaining why it failed, the receptionist took the initiative, not only apologising, but thanking my wife for bringing it to her attention. She would pass on our comments and this would help in improving the service. To our delight the cost of the sandwich was waived and as a further gesture our parking fee was also waived.

As Priority Club members we are always telling everyone how great membership is, we are now up to Platinum, service of this standard confirms why we believe it’s the best group of hotels out there.

Sadly I didn’t get the receptionists name, however she clearly recognises the value in Moments of Magic. No one gets it right all the time, it’s how you act when you get it wrong that really counts. Well done to the Crowne Plaza team, we will be back again soon.


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