Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is about understanding your business’ impact on the wider world and considering how you can use this impact in a positive way.
It means taking a responsible attitude, going beyond the minimum legal requirements and following straightforward principles that apply whatever the size of your business.
At Infinite Training we take our CSR seriously. You don’t have to be a blue chip company to make a difference. You just need to use your skills and imagination.
One of the best resources for CSR I’ve found is through the Business Link Website

This year we decided to help out in the local community. Utilising our teaching skills, it seems like a natural step to work in the city with the SAVTE organisation. We are part way through their excellent training course, preparing us for the work ahead. If all goes to plan we will be working with learners in the community in the spring.
SAVTE is a city wide project, which recruits and trains volunteers to teach English as an additional language to the most excluded members of our society.
Through providing opportunities to learn English, SAVTE aims to reduce isolation, encourage participation in local activities, build and strengthen communities and break down barriers between communities.
Through one to one lessons in the learners’ homes, volunteers help to equip individuals with language skills for everyday life in the U.K.
The project also provides classes in the learners’ local areas in partnership with other education providers, which learners can use as a stepping stone towards more formal education or employment.
We are keen to increase our corporate responsibility and utilize our training skills to work with the local community.

Through January/February 2012 John has undergone the excellent training program provided by the SAVTE team. This has prepared him for the role of volunteer teaching in the community. During March 2012 he begins working with his learner on a one to one basis. Good luck to John and his new learner as they begin their first experience in teaching English.

In 2013 we hope to take our SAVTE involvement to the next level. We are currently considering running an English Class and Conversation Club once a week each Monday morning in the Wynn Gardens area of Sheffield.
One of our directors, John Hallam, regularly takes part in running events, including the Sheffield Half Marathon, raising funds for the Make a Wish Foundation. Throughout the year we will be looking for charity sponsors for several races, including the Great Yorkshire 10k in Sheffield, also raising funds for the Alzheimers Society.

Endsleigh Centre
During 2011 we worked with the Endsleigh Centre in Hull. We have enjoyed delivering a series of customer service training programs to large groups of operatives.
The Endsleigh Centre, just a 10 minute drive from the city centre of Hull, is in an idyllic venue situated close to the city centre, yet offering delightful and extensive gardens with a secluded feel that takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the city streets. While we were there, from May 2011, the extensive work on the gardens was almost completed, in time for an outdoor theatre presentation of Pride and Prejudice in August.
What’s different about the centre, and it greatest asset, are those that work there. We have had the honour of working with Sister Catherine and her team during the program delivery. Sister Catherine is a absolute gem, and a great warm up artist for any training that follows. Her introduction to the centre, telling the delegates about the services and facilities available, never fails to raise a smile and even a chuckle. As Sister Catherine explains, there are three nuns that run the centre, they no longer wear the “penguin” outfits and they are always looking for new nuns. So far we haven’t found any volunteers!

We genuinely enjoyed both delivering training here and staying overnight. There’s a hard to distinguish good feeling about the place, perhaps it’s a combination of the lovely grounds, the good facilities, the friendly helpful staff and of course the wonderful nuns.
If you are looking for a place to stay, a conference venue or a training facility in the Hull area, then I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending you choose the Endsleigh Centre.
We hope to continue our relationship with the centre and help them where we can in achieving their goals as a charitable organisation.

June 2012 we are proud to have teamed up with John Foster at Fix-My-Pc in helping the Endsleigh Centre with reclaimed computers. When we met Sister Catherine a few weeks ago she told us of her plans to computerise the centers calendar and diary system and place terminals at the reception for everyone to access. We approached John and he was more than happy to help. With Johns help the computers will be in place in the next few weeks. It just shows what you can do with goodwill and cooperation.


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